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Eco-Challenge Watch Party

What do you call a doctor who finishes last in his class? A doctor. --Gretchen Evans, a 27-year Army veteran and member of Team Unbroken Gretchen’s quote stayed with me as I binge watched the relaunched Eco-Challenge, also known as “the world’s toughest race” and as I began to prepare for the upcoming Seagull Century bike race. I completed Seagull 15 years ago after 10 hours, 100 miles and coming in almost last. But I did finish and that’s what stood out for me as I remembered that race and as I watched teams spelunk, climb, swim, bike and paddle across Fiji as part of the Eco-Challenge. My Eco-Challenge binge began with a fun and inspiring We Don’t Quit (WDQ) Adventure Racing Club watch par

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